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The top 5 players at every position in the MLB

    In the MLB, there are 9 positions. (10 in a American league game) Each position has its stars and its not so good players. Here are the top 5 players at each position:
     Catcher: 1. Buster Posey, 2. Jonathan Lucroy, 3. Salvador Perez, 4. J.T. Realmuto, 5. Gary Sanchez/ Willson Contreras.
      The catchers now are more focused on fielding, and the hitting part isn't that great compared to every other position. Posey is definitely the top catcher, but at his second position, first base, he's probably the 9/10th best hitter. Lucroy was solid between Milwaukee and Texas last season, and should do better in a full season in Texas. The surprise is who I think is the biggest bounce back in the MLB, Salvador Perez. Maybe he plays even better in tribute of the life of former Royals pitcher Yordano Ventura. Maybe he, as well as other Royals, can get back to their 2015 ways, even without Kendrys Morales. Realmuto broke out in 2016, and should breakout even more in 2017, being the only catcher who's a double digit steal threat. The only tie in the list is between 2 rookies who played amazing in less than a season. The only reason they're both not higher is because they might go through a mini sophomore slump this year.
       First base: 1. Paul Goldschmidt, 2. Miguel Cabrera, 3. Anthony Rizzo, 4. Edwin Encarnacion, 5. Joey Votto.
        First base could be the deepest position in baseball, but all of the infield (besides catcher) is pretty deep. Goldschmidt started off rough in 2016, but ended off well. Miggy returned to his MVP form too, as there are two .300 hitters, who can hit 30+ HRs and 100+ RBIs, where you don't see that at all at catcher. Rizzo is another guy who could really impact the game. Encarnacion won't hit for average, but is a 40 homer threat every year, and could be better in Cleveland this season. Votto seemed lost 2 years ago, but is an all star once again.
         Second base: 1. Jose Altuve, 2. Robinson Cano, 3. Daniel Murphy, 4. Brian Dozier, 5. Rougned Odor.
         Second base usually consists of speed threats and average hitters. Altuve has always been that, and hit career highs with 24 homers and 96 RBIs last year. In his first 2 years in Seattle, Cano struggled badly. In 2016, he hit 39 homers, a career high, and had 103 RBIs, his first 100+ RBI season since 2013. In his first year in Washington, Murphy was a NL MVP finalist, not much more to say. Dozier hit 30 home runs for the first time ever, in fact, he hit 40 HRs for the first time ever with 42. He also hit for 99 RBIs, a career high. Odor broke out with 33 HRs and 88 RBIs last year.
           Shortstop: 1. Corey Seager, 2. Francisco Lindor, 3. Carlos Correa, 4. Xander Bogaerts, 5. Trea Turner.
            Before we start, a little fun fact. The oldest of these 5 players is Bogaerts, who is 24 years old, proving that SS is probably the youngest overall position. Seager was the ROY winner last year, and almost beat Kris Bryant for the MVP. Lindor, Correa and Bogaerts are all 5 tool players, and Turner, who played CF last season, will slot in at his natural position of SS, and can be a league leader in steals, swiping 33 bags in 73 games last season.
              Third base: 1. Kris Bryant, 2. Josh Donaldson, 3. Nolan Arenado, 4. Manny Machado, 5. Adrian Beltre.
               The top 4 were really easy to pick, then it was a toss up between a lot of guys, like Kyle Seager, brother of Corey, to decide on the 5th spot, but I went with Beltre, who at age 37, has at least 2 more quality years left in him. Arenado, Bryant, the NL MVP winner, Donaldson and Machado can all be .300 hitters with 35+ HRs and 100+ RBIs. Not much more to say.
                Outfield: 1. Mike Trout, 2. Mookie Betts, 3. Andrew McCutchen, 4. Bryce Harper, 5. Yoenis Cespedes.
                 I could of gone with LFs, CFs, and RFs instead of just OF, but most guys play multiple of those positions, so I went with just OF. Trout and Betts were 1 and 2 in the AL MVP race, with Trout winning. McCutchen and Harper both had disappointing seasons last year, but should bounce back in 2017. Cespedes has a couple of really good seasons in the last 2 years, and should have another one this year.
                 Designated hitter: 1. Nelson Cruz, 2. Kendrys Morales, 3. Victor Martinez, 4. Carlos Beltran, 5. Hanley Ramirez.
                 With the retirement of David Ortiz and Alex Rodriguez, the DH position is pretty weak. Cruz might play some time at RF this season, and Morales and Ramirez could play some 1B. They're all older guys with a lot of power, but not much of the ability to hit for average.
                  Starting pitcher: 1. Clayton Kershaw, 2. Max Scherzer, 3. Madison Bumgarner, 4. Corey Kluber, 5. Chris Sale.
                  Kershaw was hurt most of last season, but should be as amazing as usually this year. Scherzer and Bumgarner have been outstanding the last few years. Kluber bounced back last year, leading the tribe to the world series. Sale was always dominant in Chicago, and should be even better in Boston.
                  Relievers: 1. Kenley Jansen, 2. Aroldis Chapman, 3. Zach Britton, 4. Mark Melancon, 5. Craig Kimbrel.
                   Jansen has always been a consistent sleeper, but is now a widely recognized star. Chapman and his 100+ MPH fastball were dominant with the Yankees and led the Cubs to their first WS win in 108 years. Britton was incredible last season with Baltimore, and should also be amazing again this year. Melancon was outstanding with Pittsburgh and Washington last year, and should be even better with San Francisco this year. Kimbrel was great in his first year in Boston, and should be better in his second.
                     So that is who I think is the top 5 players at each position in the MLB. Comment down below if you agree or not.

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