Friday, May 5, 2017

Was changing the intentional walk rule a mistake?

  For the 2017 season and beyond, the MLB changed a rule that has lasted for as long as baseball has existed. That is the intentional walk rule. If a team wants, they can pitch 4 balls WAY outside the zone, letting the batter take first base. That's the way the rule has always been.

      But now, the team can just say "go to first base" to the batter, and they don't need to throw any pitches. But the real question is, was it a mistake to change the rule?

       The MLB has been looking to quicken the pace of games. Not many people enjoy watching 3+ hours of ball. So, they thought this rule change would help that.

        I don't think that helps. It saves about 2 minutes. When there's a pitching change, we see 5 minutes of commercials, and about 3 or more pitchers pitch for a team a day. These relievers are already ready to throw after throwing in the bullpen for some time. So, that would be a much better idea.

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