Tuesday, October 3, 2017

NHL trade review: Penguins give up on Pouliot, trade him to Canucks

                    After being drafted 8th overall in 2012 by the Pittsburgh Penguins, defenseman Derrick Pouliot has just never lived up to expectations. And today, the defending champs gave up on him. Pouliot was traded to the Vancouver Canucks in exchange for defenseman Andrey Pedan and a 2018 4th round pick.

                    Pouliot is finally waiver eligible. Afraid that someone would pick him up, the Pens shipped him away. Pedan is also waiver eligible, but he's less likely to be picked up. Also, they receive an extra draft pick. Pouliot didn't make the team, and neither will Pedan. I think Pedan will play for Scranton/Wilkes-Barre (AAA).

                    Pouliot, 23, played in just 11 NHL games last year, totaling 0 points. In parts of three seasons, Pouliot has scored 14 points, with two of them being goals, and the other 12 obviously are assists. Also, his career -11 rating in those 67 games isn't impressive.

                    For the Canucks, you can't go wrong. Pedan is a year older than Pouliot, and Pouliot has more NHL experience, and higher potential. Maybe the Canucks also think he can actually still live up to the so far wasted potential. They give up an extra 4th rounder, but I think it's worth it.

                    Pedan, 24, made his NHL debut in 2015-16 for the Canucks, going scoreless in 13 games. He sat out every single game in 2016-17. He's a little bit of a troublemaker, with 18 PIM in those 13 games, and 100 last year in Utica (AHL).

                   I think the Canucks win this deal. It's pretty even. But if I had 100 points, and I had to give each team some of the points, I'd give 51 to Vancouver, and the other 49 to Pittsburgh. It's obviously pretty close.


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