Wednesday, November 29, 2017

MLB news: Athletics sign Petit

            The Oakland Athletics have signed RHP (reliever) Yusmeiro Petit to a two year, $10 million deal, pending physical.

             Petit is a nice veteran arm for the A's pen, which has been deflated since Ryan Madson and Sean Doolittle were traded to kick off the trade deadline frenzy. Blake Treinen and Santiago Castilla are their best two relievers. Woof. Petit has two very interesting records (no, he did not get a bat and start hitting people with it like something from Happy Gillmore: Baseball Edition or something) on his resume. The first one is that with the San Francisco Giants in 2014, Petit retired 46 consecutive batters, a record (no perfect game, he's a reliever). The other record is that he is the only player to win a little league world series and an MLB world series (only Mets outfielder Michael Conforto and free agent starter Lance Lynn are the only other ones to even make both finals). The deal is nice and cheap, which honestly could be a bargain considering his numbers.

               Petit, 33, had a 2.76 ERA, .95 WHIP and 101 strikeouts in 91.1 innings for the Los Angeles Angels in 2017. In his MLB career for the Angels, Giants, Washington Nationals, Arizona Diamondbacks and Florida Marlins, Petit has a 4.31 ERA with a WHIP of 1.23 and 566 strikeouts in 628.1 innings.

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