Friday, November 10, 2017

NHL trade review: Stars, Panthers make minor swap

            The Dallas Stars have acquired defenseman Reece Scarlett from the Florida Panthers in exchange for defenseman Ludwig Bystrom.

             The trade is very even. Both aren't extremely young, but still are young. Bystrom is 23 and Scarlett is 24. I think Scarlett has more upside, but that's just my opinion. The trade is simply just a deal where the GMs like the other player more. Bystrom wasn't getting much playing time in the AHL so it's good that he'll be getting a change of scenery. Also, both players have no NHL experience.

             Bystrom has scored one point, a goal in six games for the Texas Stars (AHL) this year.

             Scarlett has now been traded twice in 2017. The other trade going from the New Jersey Devils to the Panthers for Shane Harper last trade deadline. He has scored two points, a goal and an assist in 12 games for the Springfield Thunderbirds (AHL) this year.

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