Monday, February 19, 2018

NHL trade review: Flyers acquire Mrazek

                   The Philadelphia Flyers have acquired G Petr Mrazek from the Detroit Red Wings in exchange for conditional third and fourth round picks. The conditions haven't been released yet.

                   With goalies Brian Elliott and Michal Neuvirth injured, the Flyers needed an NHL goalie. Mrazek is their guy. They get him for down the stretch, and he's an RFA, so they could retain him or not. They don't up anything, so it's a good deal.

                    Mrazek, 26, has a .910 SV% and a GAA of 2.89 in 22 games for the Red Wings this year. In his career, all in Detroit, Mrazel has a SV% of .912 and a 2.60 GAA in 166 games.

                     For the Red Wings, Mrazek apparently had some issues with the team, which was reported when he was exposed in the expansion draft. He's been rumored in trades ever since. It's good that they can finally trade him, and not have to pay him more than his $4 million cap hit currently at the end of the year.

                     I think the Flyers win this trade. They get an NHL goalie for practically nothing, which with a thin goalie market, is a win.

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